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Cloud Backup Solutions – Code42 Agent Support for macOS 11 Big Sur

On November 12, 2020, Apple released macOS 11 Big Sur.

Code42 is happy to announce that the following Code42 app releases are fully supported on macOS 11 Big Sur for endpoints with Intel x86 processor architecture:

  • Code42 App 8.5.0 (Cloud)  – Released October 19, 2020
  • Code42 App 8.2.1 (On-Premises)  – Released September 15, 2020

Alongside the release of macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple also announced a new system architecture built on their M1 system on a chip (SoC).

Code42 is aware of this architecture change and is committed to fully supporting macOS running on the M1 SoC in a future release. We will share further information on timelines for support as soon as they are available.

Cloud Backup Solutions – macOS Catalina update release notification

Version 7.0.3 Maintenance Update

Highlights of this update include: 

  • Support for macOS Catalina 10.15
  • Resolution for security vulnerabilities

macOS Catalina 10.15 Details

  • Code42 app version 7.0.3 introduces certified support for macOS Catalina 10.15.
  • In addition to upgrading to version 7.0.3, follow our guide to grant full disk access to Code42 to ensure uninterrupted data security monitoring and file backups.

If these files and folders are included in your backup sets or in your legal hold preservation policiesthey will no longer be backed up until you change your macOS privacy settings. Additionally, these files will not show up in Forensic File Search results until action is taken.

Security Vulnerability Details

  • Code42 server and app version 7.0.3 corrects two vulnerabilities that potentially allow local code execution.
  • Only affects Windows servers and Windows clients. 
  • Fully cloud customers have already been remediated. 
  • Reserved Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) IDs: CVE-2019-16860 and CVE-2019-16861.
  • CVSS for both vulnerabilities is 7.8. 
  • We are not currently aware of any attempts to actively exploit these vulnerabilities.

The 7.0.3 release will be rolled out from 17 October to 19 October. Existing v7 Code42 clients will be automatically upgraded.

Cloud Backup Solutions – macOS Catalina

Apple recently introduced new privacy settings in macOS Catalina 10.15. This release impacts Code42’s ability to access some files from locations like the desktop, Contacts, Photos, Mail, documents and downloads that contain personal data.


Due to Apple’s restrictions, these items will not be backed up until you give Code42 permission to access them.

If these files and folders are included in your backup sets or in your legal hold preservation policiesthey will no longer be backed up until you change your macOS privacy settings. Additionally, these files will not show up in Forensic File Search results until action is taken.


Follow these instructions to update your privacy settings and ensure files and folders from locations like the desktop, Contacts, Photos, Mail, documents and downloads continue to back up on Mac devices running macOS Catalina 10.15. 

If you already took this action for Mojave, it is expected that these settings will carry over to Catalina, however, we recommend you validate this after upgrading to Catalina.

We will be making a patch release available in the near future with additional fixes to support Catalina. When that patch release becomes available, we recommend that you upgrade at that time, in addition to updating or validating your privacy settings.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Scheduled Maintenance

Our primary hosting service providers have advised us of a scheduled maintenance window that will affect the Cloud Backup Solutions service.

  • Start Time: Friday 14 July 2017 21:00
  • End Time: Saturday 15 July 2017 05:00

During this time, all Cloud Backup Solutions services including Backup, Restore, New or existing account registrations and the Master Dashboard, will be unavailable.

The service will be verified in full on the morning of 15th July 2017.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Yet Another Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions platform was successfully upgraded at the weekend to version

Following our upgrade last week to version, we were committed to ensuring that the latest available v4 features and functionality are available to our customers.

Of note, this includes:

– The CrashPlan app can now be installed separately for each user account on a single computer. This provides greater capabilities for backing up NAS devices via a Windows share.

– Support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 and all-IPv6 network configurations.

– New look-and-feel for the iOS CrashPlan mobile app (requires iOS8 or later).

– Security updates.

– Performance and stability improvements.

This will be the last major upgrade for a while until we have been able to perform further testing and development of our fully automated billing platform and the API.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Service Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions platform has been successfully upgraded this weekend to version 4.2.

There are a large number of improvements to the platform overall, but of note, includes but is not limited to the following functionality improvements:

– We now support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which offers another option for ensuring data is highly secure.

– Security updates.

– Performance and stability improvements.

– Better handling of individual files selected for backup with large amounts of metadata (over 1 MB per file).

Once all our customer devices have automatically upgraded to the latest version of the backup application, we will be enabling the AES 256-bit encryption method across the board, providing even more security of our customers data.

Continual Improvement

As our service grows we are committed to ensuring that the platform remains stable. Our customer base regularly benefit from being able to restore their files and folders in emergency situations, confident in the knowledge that their data is encrypted, secure and safe in our cloud.

Case Study – Don’t fall victim to data loss!

A customer of ours was recently victim to a dreadful ransom-ware virus, that rendered their business server unusable. Their only option was to pay US$500 or restore from their backups.

Thankfully, Cloud Backup Solutions backed-up data cannot be affected by ransom-ware viruses, trojans or any other sort of malicious computer bugs, and we were quickly and easily able to guide our customer through restoring all their data from a previous known safe point once the server had been fully formatted and reinstalled.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Parent company rebranding

September 2014, Centurion, South Africa

Last week our parent company rebranded from Eirteic Africa to Envisage Solutions. The reason for the rebranding is separation of our marketing from our parent company in Europe.

The only change is our name from Eirteic Consulting (Africa) (Pty) Ltd, officially it is now Envisage Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Our bank details, VAT number and company registration number all stay the same.

Please visit our new website at http://envisage.solutions and for support you can visit our support site http://support.envisage.solutions. A company brochure can be downloaded from http://envisage.solutions/envisage_brochure_final.pdf (3.8Mb)

Our Cloud Backup Solutions website will continue to be maintained as a separate brand, powered by Envisage.

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