We are a South African company and our enterprise-class Cloud Backup Solution service runs locally.


Cloud Backup Solutions is delivered by MG IT Solutions. We have been in the IT industry since 1993 and have a broad range of experience designing and implementing solutions for customers around the world.


The software we use has an easy install-and-forget process. You have the option of backing up to our cloud specifically for data to be held in South Africa, or for businesses, your own in-house private backup cloud appliance.

Industry Leading

Our South African based solution is powered CrashPlan, a US based company providing service to almost all of the Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, Cisco and Apple.


All your critical data is encrypted and stored securely in either our South African backup cloud, or your own private cloud backup appliance.

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Our Service

We offer a real-time, secure, local Cloud Backup service in South Africa

  • Eliminate Risk

    Data loss can be extremely damaging, especially to companies, and usually comes at the worst time.

  • Security and Encryption

    Our Cloud Backup solution features TLS security between your device and our servers.

  • Automated Real Time Protection

    Once you install the backup agent and select what it should back up, the protection is real-time

  • Compression and Data Deduplication

    Your cloud backup agent, as well as securing your connection and encrypting your data automatically compresses

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How it works

South Africa Cloud Backup – How our service works

Our primary cloud backup solution is powered at the core by industry-leading CrashPlan PROe software, hosted locally in one of South Africa’s premier tier 1 Internet Service Providers in a datacentre in Johannesburg,

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Our Blog

Dec 05, 2018

Cloud Backup Solutions – Insurance for your data – increased redundancy

At Cloud Backup Solutions we are continually monitoring and analysing our environment to ensure it ..

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Client Testimonial

Without Cloud Backup Solutions my insurance company would have closed after all our computers were stolen – and I would have no way of recovering in just 2 days and ensuring I store my critical client documentation in line with regulatory requirements.

Jacques van der Merwe

JVDM Insurance

The restore process was incredibly smooth and I have had minimal interruption to my services I provide to my clients. I am very happy with the service and  happy to refer the product and service to my clients.

Hein van Tonder

The Number Crew - Accountants

Following our computers being stolen from our offices, we signed up for Cloud Backup Solutions. We have repeatedly been saved in various ways from loss of our client information. We recommend this service to anyone.

Carl Breuning

Carl Breuning & Associates

I’ve experimented with Azure and IT brain cloud backup (amongst others) and your solution really stands out – works the best, fantastic compression and most importantly reliable!

Dave Wood

Dynalogic Computers

We provide full protection against viruses, trojans, malware, Ransomware, cryptolockers. Backup today, restore tomorrow.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Insurance for your data – increased redundancy

Dec 05, 2018

At Cloud Backup Solutions we are continually monitoring and analysing our environment to ensure it is running at peak performance for our customers. This includes, but is not limited to: capacity management, space management, server, security and software upgrades, ultimately re ...

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v6.7.2

May 19, 2018

This morning we upgraded our environment to the latest version 6.7.2. This upgrade includes device application upgrades for eligible supported operating system versions. Version 6.7 focuses on performance improvements and enhancements to existing features. This release also in ...

Cloud Backup Solutions – Moving into 2018 and beyond

Jan 17, 2018

Happy New Year to our existing and prospective customers. Moving into 2018, let's jump straight into the good news we have to share: * Our pricing structure remains the same - we have no price increases plan ...

Cloud Backup Solutions – Code42 CrashPlan for Home to be discontinued

Sep 05, 2017

Over the past week or so, we've received a few enquiries about the recent announcement by Code42, and whether their decision to withdraw their CrashPlan for Home offering will affect us or our customers. ...