Our Service

We offer a real-time, secure, local Cloud Backup service in South Africa

Eliminate Risk

Data loss can be extremely damaging, especially to companies, and usually comes at the worst time.

Security and Encryption

Our Cloud Backup solution features TLS security between your device and our servers.

Automated Real Time Protection

Once you install the backup agent and select what it should back up, the protection is real-time

Compression and Data Deduplication

Your cloud backup agent, as well as securing your connection and encrypting your data automatically compresses

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One of the great features of our Internet cloud backup solution is that you don’t need to do much to get up and running quickly, nor do you need much technical know-how. And the best part is, it’s FREE for the first 14 days with no obligations to continue at the end of your trial period.

Stage 1 – Sign up – go to the cart and check out the free trial service as a new customer

We will send you automated emails with your billing account and storage account credentials and instructions as to how to install the backup agent. No financial information is required.



The second stage is to perform a backup. Our backup agent does all the hard work, offering the usual Protected Items in your home user folder, and probably your most important sets of files and folders. However, you can select others to be backed up if you need to.

The files and folders on your computer are monitored and new or changed items are backed up hourly by default. You will never have to worry about that lost or deleted file again.


You can relax and essentially forget all about your backups now, as the backup agent in real-time will take care of the rest for you. All you need to do is ensure that you go online regularly or occasionally connect to your internet service if it is not on all the time. You don’t need to worry about whether your backup has run – you’re able to set email reports via the backup application.

If you ever need to restore, we also offer a manual service whereby rather than use up your bandwidth which could be both costly and time-consuming, we will manually restore all your data to disk, and/or directly to your device, at additional cost.