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Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v8.2.5

The Cloud Backup environment was successfully upgraded to v8.2.5 today.

Version 8.2 includes new features and a number of fixes and enhancements to both the Code42 server and Code42 app.

Highlights include:

  • Code42 app branding updates replace “CrashPlan” with “Code42” in the name of the application, service, and some related file paths. This may require you to take administrative action to ensure compatibility with Code42 app version 8.2.1 and later.
  • Two-factor authentication for local users.
  • Deployment policies now support registering users in multiple organizations.
  • Greatly improved page load times throughout the Code42 console.
  • Improved accuracy of backup-related statistics and reporting in the Code42 console.
  • Optimizations to reduce Code42 app CPU usage on user devices.
  • Numerous security updates and bug fixes.


Two-factor authentication for local users

Two-factor authentication is now available as an added security measure to help prevent unauthorized access to the Code42 console and Code42 API for users in organizations that only use local authentication

Local two-factor authentication uses the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) algorithm and easily integrates with Google Authenticator.

Numerous security fixes have also been deployed.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Code42 Application Name and Path Changes

With the release of Code42 app 8.2.0 expected in early July 2020, Code42 will be modifying path and process names for the Code42 app on endpoints. These changes are occurring as part of an ongoing effort to reduce confusion between CrashPlan (legacy branding) and the Code42 App (current branding).

What is changing:

Code42 is removing the word “CrashPlan” and replacing it with “Code42” for process names and certain directories on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. Directories containing logs and backup data will not be modified (for example, C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan and /Library/Application\ Support/CrashPlan are not changing).

Full information on the changing paths can be found on the Code42 Support site.

Impacted customers:

Path names will change for all customers using the Code42 cloud beginning with the 8.2 release of the Code42 app in early July 2020. This will impact the ability of the Code42 app to continue to function in instances where application or process whitelists are utilized on the endpoint or network.

Action required for customers with application blocklists, or other endpoint security controls: 

Update all known application restrictions to allow the new paths and process names to continue to function prior to allowing endpoints to upgrade to 8.2.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v7.0.5

Yesterday the Cloud Backup environment was upgraded after-hours to v7.0.5.

This upgrade was a security vulnerability resolution.

Security Vulnerability Details

  • Code42 server version 7.0.5 corrects a vulnerability that potentially allows remote code execution on the server by an authenticated user.
  • The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score for the vulnerability is 8.0.
  • We are not currently aware of any attempts to actively exploit this vulnerability.
  • Customers with their own on-premises authority server require an upgrade to version 7.0.5.
  • Code42 cloud customers have already been remediated, so no action is required on their part.
  • Reserved Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) ID: CVE-2020-12736.

This update did not include an app update.

We continue to grow our business and strive to provide service excellence whilst protecting our customers’ critical data.

Stability and Support Update – Cloud Backup Solutions

With the recently-deployed v7 update to both our cloud server environment and the client application, all previous stability issues have been resolved. There was an issue with the previous version v6 that used Jetty web server, but this has been removed and is no longer required.

Code42 Support Announcement for macOS Catalina

Code42 will fully support macOS Catalina following its general availability with an updated 7.x version of the Code42 app. Versions prior to 7.x will not be updated to support macOS Catalina and may cease to function. 6.x versions will not receive updates to support Catalina.

To ensure continued functionality of Code42, please wait to upgrade macOS to Catalina until Code42 releases a certified 7.x version. Availability of the certified 7.x version will be announced via the Code42 Community through the regular release process.

Targeted Support Timing

  • macOS Catalina support for Code42 Cloud customers:
    • Code42 is targeting certified support in Code42 Cloud environments for macOS Catalina within 30 days of its general availability. 
    • Code42 will release a new version of the Code42 app in order to support macOS Catalina.
  • macOS Catalina support for on-premises customers:
    • Code42 is targeting certified support in on-premises environments for macOS Catalina within 60 days of its general availability. 
    • Code42 will only release updates for 7.x versions of the Code42 app to support macOS Catalina.

Updated communication will be sent when Code42 certifies full support for macOS Catalina.

Code42 Supported Platforms and Web Browsers

With few exceptions, Code42 authority and application software supports operating systems through the end of an OS vendor’s extended support date.

Please ensure that you are updating your operating systems to remain on supported versions.

Recently Unsupported

Recently unsupported Code42 app operating systems: 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 — End of support date of August 31, 2019 

Recently unsupported Code42 authority operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 — End of support date of August 31, 2019

The upcoming end of support

Upcoming end of support dates for Code42 app operating systems:

  • macOS Sierra 10.12 — Anticipated end of support date of September 2019*
  • Windows 7 Service Pack (SP1) — End of support date of January 14, 2020 
  • Windows 10, version 1709 — End of support date of April 14, 2020
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 — End of support date of April 30, 2020

The upcoming end of support dates for Code42 authority operating systems: 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 — End of support date anticipated November 7, 2019 **
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 — End of support date of January 14 2020
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 — End of support date of April 30 2020
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 — End of support date of June 30 2020

The upcoming end of support for web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 — End of Support January 14, 2020 (to coincide with EOS for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2)

* Dependent on typical Apple end of support policies following the release of macOS Catalina.

** Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.0 is a minor release with a six-month life cycle. We will support version 8.0 until the Extended Update Support (EUS) version 8.1 is released and Code42 is certified to support it. Code42 will support EUS versions of RHEL 8.x going forward.

Upcoming Support

Upcoming Supported Code42 app operating systems

  • macOS Catalina per the release schedule outlined at the beginning of this message
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 — Q4 2019

Introducing Enterprise Backup

Having been offering backup services to our customers for more than six years now, we realised the need to expand our portfolio and be able to offer more than just device backup.

Our customers asked, and we’ve delivered. Since December 2018 we have been working on a number of proof-of-concept environments, evaluating different software solutions, creating and tearing down systems.

Introducing Enterprise Backup. We’re both pleased and proud to announce that our new service soft-launched with our most high-profile customers, and went publicly live at the beginning of June 2019.

The entire solution utilises Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and features 100% web-based management so after the backup agent is installed it can be managed remotely from or for the customer devices.

We have built our own fully host-level failure redundant, self-healing and multi-server resilient cluster here in South Africa. We’ve even tested the solution by physically turning off servers within the cluster in the middle of backup and restore, with no impact to the functionality.

It offers the following types of backups:

– Server backup – file/folder, disk/volume, entire machine, and system state – supported on Windows, Mac and Linux.
– MSSQL Server
– Office 365 and G-Suite Mailboxes
– MS Exchange Server
– MS Active Directory
– Mobile devices
– VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo (application-aware VMware ESXi
virtual machine backups too)

With restores offering:

– Recovery to another machine in the same account
– Download files from the web console
– Download an ISO image of an entire machine for use with bootable USB

It even offers anti-crypto-mining and ransomware active protection.

Existing customers will be contacted with a migration plan if they are running servers in our Cloud Backup Solutions environment. Otherwise, there is no need to move. The Cloud Backup Solutions offering is perfect for device endpoints that require essential backup and restore functionality.

Enterprise Backup will focus more on servers and applications as outlined above.

Pricing is similarly structured, and as always we offer a 30-day no-obligation free trial.

Visit our new website www.enterprisebackup.co.za and sign up today.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v7.0.0

Last weekend we upgraded our environment to the latest version of Code42 for Enterprise v7.0.0. This upgrade includes Code42 App upgrades for eligible supported operating system versions.

It also resolves ongoing issues with the service crashing or not starting after sleep/hibernate/reboot on Microsoft Windows machines. This was caused by the previous versions using an internal Eclipse Jetty engine. v7.0.0 removes that requirement and no longer uses Jetty.

v7.0.0 includes new features and a number of fixes and enhancements.

Please visit https://support.code42.com/Release_Notes/On-premises_release_notes_7.0#Code42_app to read more about the large number of functionality improvements and fixes that are being deployed in the new version of the Code42 App.

We continue to grow our business and strive to provide service excellence whilst protecting our customers’ critical data.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Insurance for your data – increased redundancy

At Cloud Backup Solutions we are continually monitoring and analysing our environment to ensure it is running at peak performance for our customers. This includes, but is not limited to: capacity management, space management, server, security and software upgrades, ultimately resulting in our overall ability to provide our customers with the most effective and available service possible.

We believe the most key aspect of this is also one of the most important reasons for our customers to be backing up in the first place: the ability to recover data in the event of loss, failure, corruption or virus/malware/ransomware infection.

Further to recent improvements made to our platform, we are pleased to share that in addition to our ever-increasing spare storage capacity across the board, we now also take 6-hourly snapshots of encrypted customer archives for secure offsite storage (backups of your backups!) every single day. This secondary “safety net” is to ensure that should there ever be a problem with the Cloud Backup storage nodes or the data stored upon them, we are also able to recover from a different datacentre at a different location to alternate or replacement servers.

This may be a first, certainly in South Africa. As a result, we continue to believe that we offer one of, if not the best Cloud Backup service offering in South Africa.

Many other companies may only offer daily or weekly snapshots, and only then perform full and incremental backups. It’s important to note that our service detects changes in real-time, with new files or folders, or changed blocks, encrypted locally and then transmitted securely within a 15-minute window.

We also pride ourselves in offering superior levels of customer service, that includes remote assistance via our enterprise TeamViewer license.

We offer a 30-day, no-obligation free trial, with emailed reminders before the end of your trial giving you the option to continue or cancel so there are no unexpected invoices. You can also cancel an active account at any time; our contracts are month-to-month.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v6.7.2

This morning we upgraded our environment to the latest version 6.7.2. This upgrade includes device application upgrades for eligible supported operating system versions.

Version 6.7 focuses on performance improvements and enhancements to existing features. This release also includes numerous bug fixes.

Highlights include:

* Faster restores, both for administrators performing web restores, and for users restoring with the Code42 app

* Large restores now prioritize and download recently used files first

* Device migration improvements, including new USMT status reporting capabilities and improved handling of MIG files

* Security Center updates to enhance file exfiltration detection

* Legal hold usability improvements

* Security updates

We recently published a dedicated status page: https://status.cloud-backup.co.za and we encourage our customers to subscribe to this page for both incident and scheduled maintenance notification.

An issue with the previous version, v6.5.2, meant that in some cases, the CrashPlan Service would terminate on Windows devices having reached a java memory limit. The fix is a simple one:

  1. Go to Start -> Run or the box to type in commands and enter: services.msc
  2. Find the Code42 CrashPlan service and right-click it, then enter properties
  3. Change the “Automatic” startup to “Automatic (Delayed)” and press OK
  4. Right-click the service again and click Start
  5. Open the Code42 CrashPlan application and wait for the connection to the backup engine
  6. Press CTRL-SHIFT-C together to enter the command line interface
  7. Type “java mx 2048, restart”

The application will restart and the new memory setting will be in effect.

We are also happy to assist with this remotely. Please log a support ticket via email to support@cloud-backup.co.za

We continue to grow our business and strive to provide service excellence whilst protecting our customers’ critical data.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Moving into 2018 and beyond

Happy New Year to our existing and prospective customers.

Moving into 2018, let’s jump straight into the good news we have to share:

* Our pricing structure remains the same – we have no price increases planned for this year*

* Our distributor/reseller program has been revamped, with entry-level bronze distributor discounts increased to 20%, providing our partners with greater incentives to sell our product to their own markets and customers

* Distributor discount tiers have also been increased, to 25% for our silver level partners, and 30% discount for gold level

* Standard customer accounts attract a case-by-case approved discount after backing up 500Gb or more.

2017 saw the official discontinuation of CrashPlan for Home by Code42, with a renewed focus on their business and enterprise markets. We are excited by the changes to the Code42 organisation and the future potential of the CrashPlan Enterprise Platform; as far as we know, we are the only company to offer this specifically in South Africa with local data centres and storage, resulting in documentable POPI compliance for our customers. TeamViewer also retired their AirBackup offering.  Both of these changes have worked in our favour and that of our distributors, and we were glad to assist a number of customers looking for new (and improved) backup services.

We operate in what has historically been a tough market to crack with lots of other companies not making the cut, but we feel both confident and proud as we enter our 5th year of trading that we have hundreds of satisfied customers that have been saved from potential disaster by being able to recover their backed-up data securely, quickly, and locally in South Africa.

In one example, a small business experienced their worst nightmare – every single laptop and server stolen from their premises following an obviously detailed and planned burglary that bypassed all physical security measures and an actively monitored alarm. We were able to assist our customer to recover their data from the previous data, back on to replacement hardware the very same day the hardware was purchased. Without Cloud Backup Solutions, they advised that the nature of the data we securely store for them, had they been unable to restore it, probably would have resulted in their business being forced to cease trading.

Cloud Backup Solutions is a tried and trusted solution offering resilience, redundancy and excellent levels of friendly, knowledgeable support – suitable for home users to small business, all the way up to enterprise-level.

We are proud to be trusted by our most notable and reputable organisations such as:

* Mazars

* University of Pretoria

* Torga Optical

* IT Resources

* Snow Consultants

Plus a vast multitude of IT companies, accountants, lawyers, dentists, doctors, architects, game farms, and many small business owners.

We should mention the latest vulnerability called Meltdown and Spectre. We would like to reassure our customers that we have already addressed this – actually, we didn’t even need to take any initial actions or be reactive to the announcement. Our cloud servers and storage nodes make use of “live” kernel patching technology; just another proactive step we have taken to ensure our environment is as protected as it can be. Your data is stored resiliently and redundantly, so as long as your backup set (chosen files/folders for backup) is up to date and accurate, your data is securely stored in multiple Cloud Backup Solutions environments ready for when you need to access it. Now is a good time to review your backup selection!

Finally, we plan to upgrade the environment to the latest version, introducing yet more new and improved functionality, over the next month. No changes are required from our customers, upgrades occur automatically for backup clients across supported operating systems.

Try Cloud Backup Solutions today for FREE – via a 30-day no-obligation and risk-free trial. Back up as much as you need, review the pricing in an easy to see and automatically invoiced format after your 30 days, with the option to cancel after your free trial and pay nothing!

* Whilst we do not plan to increase prices, we always reserve the right to do so – we are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations and increasing costs of infrastructure. Any such increases would be announced with at least one months notice.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Code42 CrashPlan for Home to be discontinued

Over the past week or so, we’ve received a few enquiries about the recent announcement by Code42, and whether their decision to withdraw their CrashPlan for Home offering will affect us or our customers.

We believe this will strengthen our position in the South African marketplace. With Code42 focusing more on business and enterprise, of which we are the latter, the PROe product will receive more focus and attention. This will likely mean new functionality and potentially more frequent release cycles.

One of the key benefits of CrashPlan for Home was the free “Backup to friends” feature, which allowed remaining hard drive space on a friend’s computer to be used as a backup destination. Inherently risky, especially in the modern times of ransomware. In the event of infection, not only would your friend have their entire computer data encrypted, your backup would also be gone.

Our solution provides a number of benefits to our customers here in South Africa, including but not limited to:

– Enterprise class software and support

– Fast recovery with multiple options – restore to exiting devices, other devices, or for smaller files, via our web dashboard

– Strong encryption – your data is protected before it even leaves your computer

– Compression and deduplication of your data – only pay for what you store

– Excellent personal levels of technical and sales support

– Compliance with the POPI act

– Your backed-up data is unaffected by viruses or ransomware and can be restored to any previous point-in-time

– Fair pricing – benefiting home users up to our enterprise customers

Our results speak for themselves. 100% of our customers that have backed up their data to our South African dedicated cloud have been able to restore their data, recover from data or physical device theft, recover from the effects of viruses, trojans, malware or ransomware/cryptolocking.

Our distributor/reseller program has proven to be very successful for a number of small businesses here in South Africa.

We are offering a 10% lifetime discount on new account signups for the rest of September. Use offer code SEPT2017 to activate this when signing up for our no-obligation 30 day free trial.