15 Aug

Top 5 Cloud Backup Solution Features

We occasionally get asked about the best features of our Cloud Backup Solution, so here we outline five of the most prominent and salient points:

1 – Client Encryption

Before the Cloud Backup Solutions backup client transmits your files over a secured TLS connection, your files are fully encrypted so that only your account can access and restore the files. You can set an optional encryption password which would be required if you ever wanted to restore. If this option is chosen, we strongly recommend you keep a safe note of it, as if you lose it you will be unable to restore any files. We also won’t be able to do anything to help and your backup will be useless – it really is that secure.

2 – De-duplication and Compression

The Cloud Backup Solutions backup client monitors your backup set; your chosen directories and files, and eliminates duplicates from being transmitted and stored in your backup. Combined with compression, the result is that your backup is actually (usually) much smaller than the size of the directories and files that you have selected. In certain instances, we have seen this to be 50% less – all of which means your costs are reduced!

3 – Automated, Real-Time Backup

Whilst the Cloud Backup Solutions backup client is running, it monitors the directories and files that you have chosen for backup in real-time. The moment a file is changed, an incremental version of it is backed up. New files are backed up as soon as they are detected. Of course, this assumes that you have a permanent, working internet connection, otherwise the backup client will send your files and any changes to our public managed cloud servers as soon as a connection is detected.

4 – Open File and Block-Level Backup

Our Cloud Backup Solution features the ability to back up open files, and also performs block-level backups. What this means is that files that are in use, such as Outlook mail files, documents you are writing, spreadsheets you are working on etc. are able to be backed up, even whilst they are open. Block-level backups mean that only the individual “chunks” within the file that have changed are transmitted, reducing the bandwidth required to maintain incremental versions of your files.

5 – Install and Forget

Once you have registered your Cloud Backup Solutions account and installed your first client, you simply need to start your first backup. After this, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the backup client is running in the background doing its work and ensuring that your chosen directories and files are being backed up in real-time. You don’t even need to be logged on for the backup to continue working.

Of course, we should also mention that we are 100% South African based, all your data remains in South Africa, we support Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris operating systems, fully support POPI compliance and offer a 30 day no obligation free trial. Why not sign up today to see how you can quickly and easily get your computers backed up.

It won’t cost you a cent for 30 days and you can cancel at the end of this period if you do not wish to proceed.