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Cloud Backup Solutions – Code42 CrashPlan for Home to be discontinued

Over the past week or so, we’ve received a few enquiries about the recent announcement by Code42, and whether their decision to withdraw their CrashPlan for Home offering will affect us or our customers.

We believe this will strengthen our position in the South African marketplace. With Code42 focusing more on business and enterprise, of which we are the latter, the PROe product will receive more focus and attention. This will likely mean new functionality and potentially more frequent release cycles.

One of the key benefits of CrashPlan for Home was the free “Backup to friends” feature, which allowed remaining hard drive space on a friend’s computer to be used as a backup destination. Inherently risky, especially in the modern times of ransomware. In the event of infection, not only would your friend have their entire computer data encrypted, your backup would also be gone.

Our solution provides a number of benefits to our customers here in South Africa, including but not limited to:

– Enterprise class software and support

– Fast recovery with multiple options – restore to exiting devices, other devices, or for smaller files, via our web dashboard

– Strong encryption – your data is protected before it even leaves your computer

– Compression and deduplication of your data – only pay for what you store

– Excellent personal levels of technical and sales support

– Compliance with the POPI act

– Your backed-up data is unaffected by viruses or ransomware and can be restored to any previous point-in-time

– Fair pricing – benefiting home users up to our enterprise customers

Our results speak for themselves. 100% of our customers that have backed up their data to our South African dedicated cloud have been able to restore their data, recover from data or physical device theft, recover from the effects of viruses, trojans, malware or ransomware/cryptolocking.

Our distributor/reseller program has proven to be very successful for a number of small businesses here in South Africa.

We are offering a 10% lifetime discount on new account signups for the rest of September. Use offer code SEPT2017 to activate this when signing up for our no-obligation 30 day free trial.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Pricing Change March 2016

We have been keen not to increase our base pricing as much as possible, whilst all other service providers around us increase our infrastructure and supporting service costs by 10% per annum. The last pricing changes we made were in June 2015 when we actually substantially reduced pricing across the board.

Due to the ongoing increase in costs of providing the leading Cloud Backup service in South Africa, we will be implementing the following price changes on 1 March 2016:

* Tier 1 pricing will increase from R100 to R120 for 20Gb fixed storage

* Tier 2 pricing will increase from R37.50 to R39.00 per 10Gb stored

* Tier 3 pricing will increase from R35.00 to R36.00 per 10Gb stored

These price increases are extremely small but have been structured to ensure that we can continue to grow the cloud backup environment without any additional impact to our bottom line.

The new pricing can be more simply viewed in this table:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
0 – 20Gb 20 – 250Gb 250Gb+
R120.00 fixed cost R39.00 per 10Gb stored R36.00 per 10Gb stored


We will update the example pricing post and also the pricing page effective 1st March 2016.

We will also be adding VAT as soon as we have become VAT registered. Invoices will therefore soon reflect VAT as an additional line item prior to the grand total.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Yet Another Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions platform was successfully upgraded at the weekend to version

Following our upgrade last week to version, we were committed to ensuring that the latest available v4 features and functionality are available to our customers.

Of note, this includes:

– The CrashPlan app can now be installed separately for each user account on a single computer. This provides greater capabilities for backing up NAS devices via a Windows share.

– Support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 and all-IPv6 network configurations.

– New look-and-feel for the iOS CrashPlan mobile app (requires iOS8 or later).

– Security updates.

– Performance and stability improvements.

This will be the last major upgrade for a while until we have been able to perform further testing and development of our fully automated billing platform and the API.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Service Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions platform has been successfully upgraded this weekend to version 4.2.

There are a large number of improvements to the platform overall, but of note, includes but is not limited to the following functionality improvements:

– We now support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which offers another option for ensuring data is highly secure.

– Security updates.

– Performance and stability improvements.

– Better handling of individual files selected for backup with large amounts of metadata (over 1 MB per file).

Once all our customer devices have automatically upgraded to the latest version of the backup application, we will be enabling the AES 256-bit encryption method across the board, providing even more security of our customers data.

Continual Improvement

As our service grows we are committed to ensuring that the platform remains stable. Our customer base regularly benefit from being able to restore their files and folders in emergency situations, confident in the knowledge that their data is encrypted, secure and safe in our cloud.

Case Study – Don’t fall victim to data loss!

A customer of ours was recently victim to a dreadful ransom-ware virus, that rendered their business server unusable. Their only option was to pay US$500 or restore from their backups.

Thankfully, Cloud Backup Solutions backed-up data cannot be affected by ransom-ware viruses, trojans or any other sort of malicious computer bugs, and we were quickly and easily able to guide our customer through restoring all their data from a previous known safe point once the server had been fully formatted and reinstalled.

Cloud Backup Solutions New Pricing June 2015

As previously announced, our new pricing is now live and the examples have been updated.

Any customers that wish to lock-in their initial fixed 20Gb to ensure that they do not go over, can request a quota to be implemented. Please log a support ticket should you wish to do this.

Our new pricing saves the majority of our customers anywhere up to R500 per month, and implements fairer and more affordable pricing across the board.

Remember our Cloud Backup service comes with a 30 day free trial, is fully encrypted, transmits data securely, runs in real-time and is fast becoming one of the leading South African Cloud Backup Services.

Sign up today to see how simple and effective our solution is.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Pricing Change

Since taking over the Cloud Backup Solutions business, we have reviewed all our customer accounts, the pricing structure and tiered pricing model.

On 1st June 2015 the following changes will be implemented to the pricing tiers:

* Tier 1 pricing will be fixed at R100 for 20Gb storage

* The Tier 2 pricing model will be lowered to begin at 20Gb and go up to a new lower ceiling of 250Gb. The pricing will be reduced to R37.50 per 10Gb stored

* The Tier 3 pricing model will be lowered to begin at 250Gb. The pricing will be changed to R35 per 10Gb stored

The new pricing can be more simply viewed in this table:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
0 – 20Gb 20 – 250Gb 250Gb+
R100 fixed cost R37.50 per 10Gb stored R35 per 10Gb stored


The primary reason for these pricing changes is to ensure that a percentage of customers only storing minimal data cover their base licensing cost, something that has not been happening to date.

The majority of our customers will benefit from a substantial saving on their invoices

We will update the example pricing post and also the pricing page on 1st June 2015. Invoices from this date will reflect the change.

If you didn’t know already, you can now pay your invoice by debit order or by credit/debit card using the customised link provided in each invoice.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Annual price increase notification

This is advanced notification that from the 1st January 2015, the tier 1 pricing will be increasing from R50 per 10Gb to R55 per 10Gb, a 10% increase. Tier 2 and tier 3 remain unaffected. These prices exclude VAT.

The last time there were any pricing changes was on 23rd August 2013, when all prices were reduced. In line with annual inflation and in accordance with most of the industry, we are increasing our tier 1 cost to cover our base expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@cloud-backup.co.za or call 086 0000 773.

Cloud Backup Solutions Functionality

Did you know that our Cloud Backup client features the ability to “pause” your backup by telling it to sleep for a predetermined period? For example, if you’re downloading a large file in the office at work and want to save some bandwidth, because your backup runs continuously in the background you can tell it to pause for a couple of hours, or even a day.

Once the sleep period has elapsed, the backup will continue automatically and invisibly, ensuring that your files and folders remain protected and secure in our cloud.

The Cloud Backup client also supports running behind proxy servers. We can assist you in installing the client when you are behind a proxy server, as well as configuring the client after installation so that it always uses a proxy server for connectivity.

Of course, standard functionality offers block-level backups as part of it’s real-time scanning of your chosen files and folders – which is much more efficient than incremental backups – within a default window of 15 minutes. This and many other settings are also configurable through the backup client or web dashboard, as is the schedule of when the backup client should actually perform any backup and secure transmission of data.

Client side 448bit blowfish encryption, compression, data deduplication and the rock-solid CrashPlan platform trusted by enterprises around the world.

All of this is provided by our unique Cloud Backup Solution in South Africa as part of our service offering. No need to pre-purchase data. No storage quotas (unless you ask for them). No contracts other than month-to-month. No unforeseen expenses. Only pay for what you store in our ever-growing backup cloud, dynamically and accurately billed on a monthly basis.

Why not sign up for your 30 day free trial today and see why hundreds of other South African companies, small businesses and even home users trust us and our solution to deliver constant, consistent and reliable data backup and restore services.

Rapid adoption of Cloud Backup in South Africa

Recently we have seen a spike in the adoption of our Cloud Backup service in South Africa, which means we are doing something right. We’re protecting the critical data of our customers, providing them with a cost-effective, easy to use, secure and reliable service whilst offering first class levels of support included. We’re also seeing customers switching to our service from third party systems that are perhaps less flexible or more expensive.

Your Cloud Backup runs in real-time quietly in the background and uses very little CPU when you are at your computer so you won’t notice it working. Your data is encrypted and then securely transmitted to our servers in Randburg, Gauteng, where you can access your files going back as far as the very first day you made a backup. We retain secondary copies of the backups for full resilience. Even if you delete files, we retain them, meaning you save space on your machine locally whilst not having to worry about getting that important file back if you ever need to.

Our clients include universities, opticians, doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, media, marketing and brand agencies, IT companies and ISP’s, and many others. Backing up your data is important – actually essential – for any company or individual that values their data and/or would feel the potential cost of losing that data. Our system takes care of it automatically after your initial setup so you don’t ever have to worry again. Our system even silently upgrades your backup client with the latest security updates or new functionality in the background.

It’s worth noting that in addition to being able to view and restore versions of your files (of multiple computers if in your account) from the backup client, you can also access our master web interface, or use a mobile app. In the event of an emergency, we can also restore your files to your own hardware directly from our servers.

Our billing is fully automated, and you get 30 days trial use completely free – back up as much as you want, use our Cloud Backup Solution to evaluate and then only pay at the end of your trial if you wish to continue. No credit card required. Monthly contract, nothing to sign and no obligations. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Insurance for your data – pricing examples

Updated 1 March 2016, to cater for pricing update.

At Cloud Backup Solutions we regularly hear from new customers who ask about our pricing model. In creating three price tiers, we try to accommodate everyone, from the home user to the large corporations who have a business requirement to store their critical data offsite.

The question to ask yourself is – “What value do I put on my critical data?

We provide insurance for your data. And we believe that our pricing reflects the ability for our customers to be safe in the knowledge that their data is secure, stored offsite, and accessible at any time.

One thing is true, we have established ourselves as the market leaders in providing Cloud Backup Solutions in South Africa, and we continue to grow. Our service has now been 100% successful since launch, is 100% secure and we have 100% satisfied customers; especially those whom took the proactive step to backup their data to our Cloud, and then were the unfortunate victims of data loss, whether through loss or hardware failure. They were grateful to be able to recover their data the same-day they got a replacement machine.

We considered it prudent to give some pricing examples to make it clearer as to what you might pay for our services. These are real examples based on existing customer usage:

Customer Number of computers Backup selection Total stored
Cost per month
Home User 1 38Gb 24.1Gb (63%) R159.00
Small Business 4 55.1Gb 35.6Gb (55%) R198.00
Large Business 2 217.3Gb 106.4Gb (48%) R471.00
Corporation 6 461Gb 251.8Gb (54%) R1053.00


As you can see above, our backup client performs automated compression and de-duplication of data up to a massive 52% in the case of a large business customer, that influences the data stored and therefore the overall savings, as we only charge for total storage per account.

Protect your critical data today. Our solution caters for up to four computers in an account and the data usage across them will be aggregated for billing purposes. Additional computers are charged at R75 per month for each incomplete multiple of four.

You only pay for the storage you use and there are no additional hidden fees. Take advantage of our no-obligation 30 day free trial today.

Note: Cloud Backup Solutions is not currently registered for VAT but this will change in FY17 from March 2016 onwards.