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Cloud Backup Solutions – Parent company rebranding

September 2014, Centurion, South Africa

Last week our parent company rebranded from Eirteic Africa to Envisage Solutions. The reason for the rebranding is separation of our marketing from our parent company in Europe.

The only change is our name from Eirteic Consulting (Africa) (Pty) Ltd, officially it is now Envisage Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Our bank details, VAT number and company registration number all stay the same.

Please visit our new website at http://envisage.solutions and for support you can visit our support site http://support.envisage.solutions. A company brochure can be downloaded from http://envisage.solutions/envisage_brochure_final.pdf (3.8Mb)

Our Cloud Backup Solutions website will continue to be maintained as a separate brand, powered by Envisage.

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Cloud Backup Solutions Security Update

A serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL library was published on April 7th 2014 as CVE-2014-0160. This bug is being referred to as Heartbleed and more information can be found at www.heartbleed.com.

This is the software that drives secure websites, sometimes referred to as SSL or HTTPS websites, and affects many millions of secure sites globally.

We would like to assure our customers that our Cloud Backup environment does not use OpenSSL, was not affected and your account and backup data remain safe.

Due to the nature of the bug we do recommend that you change your password on any secure websites that you use regularly to ensure that you are not compromised in any way, whilst also checking and confirming with banks, vendors, and companies you may use as most are issuing their own updates regarding this.

If you have any of your own servers or machines running variants of Unix outlined at www.heartbleed.com with web servers running SSL we recommend that you upgrade immediately and don’t forget to restart your web server after upgrading.