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Cloud Backup Solutions – Yet Another Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions platform was successfully upgraded at the weekend to version

Following our upgrade last week to version, we were committed to ensuring that the latest available v4 features and functionality are available to our customers.

Of note, this includes:

– The CrashPlan app can now be installed separately for each user account on a single computer. This provides greater capabilities for backing up NAS devices via a Windows share.

– Support for dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 and all-IPv6 network configurations.

– New look-and-feel for the iOS CrashPlan mobile app (requires iOS8 or later).

– Security updates.

– Performance and stability improvements.

This will be the last major upgrade for a while until we have been able to perform further testing and development of our fully automated billing platform and the API.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Service Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions platform has been successfully upgraded this weekend to version 4.2.

There are a large number of improvements to the platform overall, but of note, includes but is not limited to the following functionality improvements:

– We now support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which offers another option for ensuring data is highly secure.

– Security updates.

– Performance and stability improvements.

– Better handling of individual files selected for backup with large amounts of metadata (over 1 MB per file).

Once all our customer devices have automatically upgraded to the latest version of the backup application, we will be enabling the AES 256-bit encryption method across the board, providing even more security of our customers data.

Continual Improvement

As our service grows we are committed to ensuring that the platform remains stable. Our customer base regularly benefit from being able to restore their files and folders in emergency situations, confident in the knowledge that their data is encrypted, secure and safe in our cloud.

Case Study – Don’t fall victim to data loss!

A customer of ours was recently victim to a dreadful ransom-ware virus, that rendered their business server unusable. Their only option was to pay US$500 or restore from their backups.

Thankfully, Cloud Backup Solutions backed-up data cannot be affected by ransom-ware viruses, trojans or any other sort of malicious computer bugs, and we were quickly and easily able to guide our customer through restoring all their data from a previous known safe point once the server had been fully formatted and reinstalled.

Press Release – Cloud Backup Solutions launched

Gauteng, South Africa, 4th March 2013 – Eirteic Consulting (Africa) release Cloud Backup Solutions

Eirteic Consulting (Africa) have released an enterprise-class backup and archiving service for businesses and individuals requiring secure, offsite data backup and archive local to South Africa.

The service is focused mainly at individuals or businesses that for compliance or regulatory reasons may require all their company, financial, or customer data to be stored in the same country, whilst also creating a secure method of disaster recovery.

Automated, secure and fully encrypted backups are now possible using enterprise backup software, with the data securely stored on mission-critical servers in a tier-1 data centre in South Africa.  Contiguous and real-time data protection can be combined with longer-term archiving of data which can either be stored locally or overseas depending on customer requirements, providing the ability for local deletion and space saving.

For larger companies, we have a solution allowing a scalable private cloud backup appliance to be implemented at their own site, in their own data centres.

The Cloud Backup Solutions website is www.cloud-backup.co.za and any new signups until 1st June 2013 will receive 5% discount on the first three invoices.

Pre-launch notification

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our South African based online, secure, data backup and archiving service in the first week of March 2013.

Our service runs on hardware in a local tier 1 datacentre, with data optionally encrypted per backup client node and provides a highly secure, resilient and automated service to customers, especially those that require long-term online data or document storage for compliance purposes, or with concerns about where or how their current backup solution is storing their data.

South African businesses should be aware of the potential regulatory issues with their data being stored outside of the country through the use of other global services; we provide the solution to that problem with our online backup and archiving service.

Examples of the types of businesses we feel will strongly benefit from our service are accountants, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and small businesses storing essential or financial data locally or on generic, free cloud services with no real guarantees of data security or encryption.  Did you know, for example, that the employees of many cloud-based backup services have the capability to view the contents of your data, even if it a prohibited practice ?

We also offer the capability for other IT companies to become partners and resell our service direct to their own customers, or sign up their own dealers, as well as the option for larger corporates or enterprise customers to implement the service on their own hardware.

At this time we are inviting pre-launch registrations.  All signups between now and 1 June 2013 will benefit from a 5% discount on the first three invoices.