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Managing Multiple Backup Locations

We recommend that all our customers employ a backup strategy that involves multiple backup locations. One of the great features of our backup client is that it permits back up to external hard drives, in addition to our South Africa managed public backup cloud.

By implementing this sort of backup, you ensure that you have a local copy for rapid backup and restore of critical data, and an offsite copy in the event of hardware or other failure, fire or theft.

Many individuals we talk to do not realise how important it is to have at least one offsite copy of backup data, or even that in some situations this is a mandatory compliance requirement. Without an offsite copy it could literally become impossible to recover that data. This can cause major problems for companies – imagine the impact of losing business data and how that would affect you and everyone working at your company.

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South Africa Cloud Backup

You are probably aware of the multitude of cloud backup or storage services out there. Did you know that most of them are based in the USA or Europe? Did you know that some of them use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for their underlying storage, which is primarily in the USA and Europe? Our research has found that even certain services that tout South Africa prices actually have their servers in the UK.

Do you use any of the following as a backup or storage service?

  • Dropbox
  • Mozy
  • SugarSync
  • Copy
  • Google Drive
  • Carbonite
  • BackBlaze
  • LiveDrive
  • SpiderOak
  • Acronis
  • iDrive
  • Jungle Disk
  • Xplode

If you do, are you aware that your data is almost certainly stored outside South Africa? This is how these companies are able to provide free and/or incredibly cheap cloud storage or backup services. But are you also aware that as a result of this you are potentially putting the availability of your data and your compliance at risk?

There are some key questions you should be asking yourself, especially if you are a business in South Africa. For example:

  • Where is your data actually stored?
  • How will you get to it when there are problems with the international internet connectivity? (A regular occurrence in SA)
  • What sort of connection security do these services offer you?
  • How is your data encrypted?
  • Are you compliant by storing your, or your employees information with these services?
  • How would you retrieve your data in the event you needed to?
  • Do you trust the company and their employees?
  • Can you visit them to talk about the service and get a personal service?
  • Do they care about you and your data?
  • Do they have terms and conditions and an end user license agreement that is favourable to you?

For the every day consumer, perhaps you are happy to store your data with any one of the providers listed above, or any of their hundreds of competitors. But ask yourself… What if?

Our managed public cloud backup service is 100% South African based. Your data is stored on servers in a datacentre in Randview, Gauteng. Need a restore? Either restore from an existing backup device within your account over the internet, or contact us for an emergency restore* to an external device that we will ship to you.

Our costs are affordable and competitive. Don’t be left in the dark, risk compliance or losing all your data in the event of a failure.

Sign up for a no obligation 30 day free trial with our fully automated install-and-forget South African cloud backup service – you won’t be disappointed and we guarantee your data will always remain in-country.

* Costs and conditions apply

Cloud Backup Ownership, Security and Access

Customers occasionally ask us about the ownership of their files once they have backed them up. Our answer is clear – ownership of your files remains 100%. In light of some of the very public recent security leaks in the US and Europe (Edward Snowden, PRISM and Tempora) and the questions over access to data, we are steadfast in our position.  You can review our most recent terms and conditions and EULA for more information, too.

Our managed backup cloud in South Africa ensures that your data is only stored in-country, and generally only transmitted in-country too, unless of course you are outside South Africa and backing up data, in which case, your data is 448bit blowfish encrypted between the backup client and our servers anyway, and the connection is secured by industry standard methods (TLS). We’ve also discussed previously how our service will help you achieve and maintain compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

As far as access to your data is concerned, it is possible to set an encryption password on your backup client. This ensures that you are the one and only person who is ever able to restore your data, as the encryption password would be required. The danger of this is if you forget the password, your data will be rendered impossible to restore, and so we only recommend this if our customers employ good practices and/or methods of storing passwords, such as a fire-safe or offsite secure storage, and where there is no identification or association as to what the password is for.

Our Cloud Backup Solutions provide you with full ownership of your backed-up files, compliance, full security and encryption, and the only possibility to access your files is through the restore process.

Why not try our service for free? You have nothing to lose and there are no setup charges. You only pay if you decide to continue after a 30 day free trial period.

Mitigating a potential data loss disaster

A new customer of ours recently told us their most unfortunate story of data loss. A small business with a handful of employees, they had a number of desktop machines and laptops, and a server in their office. The server functioned as an email, data storage and backup device, with a 1Tb RAID5 external network storage array attached comprised of 4 x 1Tb drives.

Of course, the customer thought that implementing a storage device with RAID5 would provide them with adequate protection, and that their data was safe. What they, and perhaps others did not realise is that RAID storage technology can have its own risks and pitfalls.

To provide a simple explanation, RAID implements disk striping to ensure that data is spread across a number of different disks and provides a level of resilience by ensuring that a single disk (or multiples in different RAID configurations) can fail and then be replaced. The RAID volume is then rebuilt to include the newly replaced disk. However, this is solely dependent upon the controller of the RAID volume. Sometimes the RAID controller is software-based, and sometimes it is a hardware-based RAID controller card.  In the majority of cases for non-enterprise class devices, these provide a single point of failure.

For our new customer, the storage device had a hardware-based controller – and this failed. The end result was several hours of invalid data spewed all over the RAID volume, and unrecoverable, irreversible damage to the RAID volume. Data destroyed. Gone. Lost forever.

Our customer has purchased a new storage device and spent many months recreating some of their data that they still had on individual machines, but it was impossible to recover it all. Having learned their lesson the hard way, they also back the storage device and their individual devices up to our Cloud Backup Solution, ensuring that should anything happen to any device in their office, they have a guaranteed method of restoring all of their data, quickly and easily.

What would you do if you lost your data through the unpredictable failure of hardware? Theft? Fire? Accidental deletion? What would the implications of this loss be to you personally, or to your business? Your customers?

Our Cloud Backup service is ideal for individuals and small businesses, provides a secure and resilient backup solution with a simple method of quickly achieving automated install-and-forget backups for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.  Our solutions scale all the way up to enterprise customers who may wish to deploy a private cloud backup appliance either in their own datacentre, or in ours, which we then manage for them.

Remember, as our service is 100% based in South Africa, we also help companies gain and maintain POPI compliance.

Take a look at the features of our Cloud Backup Solution. You can sign up for a 30 day free, no obligation trial and see how simple and easy our service is. Install once per device, backup your data, sit back and relax as the backup agent monitors and backs up your files in real time.

Cloud Backup and POPI Compliance

Today we are taking some time to highlight the South African privacy law, commonly referred to as POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act).

If you have not heard of this, you should take time to review the official bill, as it contains a number of laws surrounding what you are permitted to, or must do with personal information, including electronic transmission of related data.

This KPMG page summarises it nicely. Principle 7 (Security Safeguards) specifies “The underlying theme of Principle 7 is that all personal information should be kept secure against the risk of loss, unauthorised access, interference, modification, destruction or disclosure.

On Deloitte’s page they talk about backing up data counting as sending information out of the country: “Most companies have no idea where their information is stored. They know that they outsource to a company but where that company sends information, they have no idea. They may not be intentionally sending information across borders, but may be unintentionally allowing information to cross borders.

Don’t risk your company’s compliance. Our South African Cloud Backup service helps you comply with the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) by making sure that your backed up data does not leave South Africa.  It is all backed up and stored locally.
Further recommended reading:
  • ITWeb – Is POPI a necessary evil or opportunity for value add?
  • Entrepreneur South Africa – How can I ensure that my business is compliant with the new Protection of Personal Information Act?
  • MyBroadband – PoPI and your business – Ignorance is not bliss, the risks are real
Protect your business and your data. Sign up for a 30 day no obligation free trial of our South African Cloud Backup Service.

Cloud Backup Data Privacy

You may have become aware of the high profile furore in the United States of America that has recently erupted surrounding data privacy and the speculation that the NSA (National Security Agency) may have some sort of access (PRISM) to the data stored by any individuals with companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and a number of others.

This may concern you, if you use Google Mail, Google Docs/Drive, Facebook, or a number of other services which are headquartered in the USA.  This probably includes the majority of large cloud backup services too, such as Dropbox.  Perhaps you have concerns about this, perhaps not.

Another consideration are the new laws in South Africa which are soon to be passed by parliament under the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act.

Our South African Cloud Backup service guarantees that your data never leaves the country.  It is fully automated, simple to install, and once it starts backing up to our servers you can effectively forget about it.  With file and folder level protection, your critical data is automatically backed up in as real-time as possible.

Is capped bandwidth preventing you from backing up?

Is capped bandwidth a factor in whether you run a cloud backup service or not ?  It doesn’t need to be.  With our South Africa based cloud backup solution, for a minimal fee we are able to perform an initial data load of your encrypted backup data on your behalf, directly from an external hard drive to our servers.

The advantage of this service is that your latest and most up-to-date backup is put on our backup servers as soon as possible, leaving you in no doubt that your data is now safe.  Future backups from any of your backed up devices – and you are able to have any number under a single account – simply carry on from where the initial data load left off.  And if you ever need to restore, we can also assist you in doing this manually if required.

Don’t risk your photos, documents and important files – take steps to protect it today – why not sign up for a no-obligation 30 day free trial account – and back up as much as you need to.  Your data is 100% secure, encrypted and safe.

Solution overhaul, free trial and features summary

We’ve recently completely overhauled our service and revised the pricing for our South African cloud backup service !  We now have a much more affordable pricing structure which can be outlined very simply as follows :

  • R50 per month per 10Gb storage for the first 40Gb.
  • R200 per month for 50Gb and further increments of 50Gb thereof.

There are no hidden costs – the price covers inclusion of all your bandwidth, storage and support services.

Plus, we have some great news – we are now offering a 30 day, no obligation, free trial period sign up here.

Back up as much as you need toYes, really.  We’ll only bill you if you decide to continue with the service after your free trial period.

Our all-inclusive install-and-forget solution features the following:

  • Based on industry-leading software.
  • 128bit AES TLS security and 448bit blowfish encryption is enabled by default – you can optionally also add an encryption password requirement for restores which is only ever stored at the client-side – either way your data is 100% secure and the backup archives are tamper-proof.
  • Stored on our enterprise-level hardware and redundant storage in an Internet Solutions data-centre with full fireproofing, power resilience, and security.
  • Fully automated – upon creating your account, you download and install a backup agent, choose what to back-up and it silently works in the background whether you are logged on or not.  Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris are all supported.
  • Completely local to South Africa – data never leaves the country.
  • In the event of a restore being required, rather than restore over the internet, for added speed we are able to restore directly to your own device, if required.
  • Backup up to four devices using the same account.

Click here to sign-up and we’ll send you a free trial invitation.

Aside from this fabulous news, also still offer a manual archiving service for longer-term off-site data retention, as well as the option for a global cloud backup service, and for businesses, corporates and enterprises, the option to run your own private cloud backup server in-house.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements should this be the case.

Press Release – Cloud Backup Solutions launched

Gauteng, South Africa, 4th March 2013 – Eirteic Consulting (Africa) release Cloud Backup Solutions

Eirteic Consulting (Africa) have released an enterprise-class backup and archiving service for businesses and individuals requiring secure, offsite data backup and archive local to South Africa.

The service is focused mainly at individuals or businesses that for compliance or regulatory reasons may require all their company, financial, or customer data to be stored in the same country, whilst also creating a secure method of disaster recovery.

Automated, secure and fully encrypted backups are now possible using enterprise backup software, with the data securely stored on mission-critical servers in a tier-1 data centre in South Africa.  Contiguous and real-time data protection can be combined with longer-term archiving of data which can either be stored locally or overseas depending on customer requirements, providing the ability for local deletion and space saving.

For larger companies, we have a solution allowing a scalable private cloud backup appliance to be implemented at their own site, in their own data centres.

The Cloud Backup Solutions website is www.cloud-backup.co.za and any new signups until 1st June 2013 will receive 5% discount on the first three invoices.

Pre-launch notification

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our South African based online, secure, data backup and archiving service in the first week of March 2013.

Our service runs on hardware in a local tier 1 datacentre, with data optionally encrypted per backup client node and provides a highly secure, resilient and automated service to customers, especially those that require long-term online data or document storage for compliance purposes, or with concerns about where or how their current backup solution is storing their data.

South African businesses should be aware of the potential regulatory issues with their data being stored outside of the country through the use of other global services; we provide the solution to that problem with our online backup and archiving service.

Examples of the types of businesses we feel will strongly benefit from our service are accountants, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and small businesses storing essential or financial data locally or on generic, free cloud services with no real guarantees of data security or encryption.  Did you know, for example, that the employees of many cloud-based backup services have the capability to view the contents of your data, even if it a prohibited practice ?

We also offer the capability for other IT companies to become partners and resell our service direct to their own customers, or sign up their own dealers, as well as the option for larger corporates or enterprise customers to implement the service on their own hardware.

At this time we are inviting pre-launch registrations.  All signups between now and 1 June 2013 will benefit from a 5% discount on the first three invoices.