21 Jun

Mitigating a potential data loss disaster

A new customer of ours recently told us their most unfortunate story of data loss. A small business with a handful of employees, they had a number of desktop machines and laptops, and a server in their office. The server functioned as an email, data storage and backup device, with a 1Tb RAID5 external network storage array attached comprised of 4 x 1Tb drives.

Of course, the customer thought that implementing a storage device with RAID5 would provide them with adequate protection, and that their data was safe. What they, and perhaps others did not realise is that RAID storage technology can have its own risks and pitfalls.

To provide a simple explanation, RAID implements disk striping to ensure that data is spread across a number of different disks and provides a level of resilience by ensuring that a single disk (or multiples in different RAID configurations) can fail and then be replaced. The RAID volume is then rebuilt to include the newly replaced disk. However, this is solely dependent upon the controller of the RAID volume. Sometimes the RAID controller is software-based, and sometimes it is a hardware-based RAID controller card.  In the majority of cases for non-enterprise class devices, these provide a single point of failure.

For our new customer, the storage device had a hardware-based controller – and this failed. The end result was several hours of invalid data spewed all over the RAID volume, and unrecoverable, irreversible damage to the RAID volume. Data destroyed. Gone. Lost forever.

Our customer has purchased a new storage device and spent many months recreating some of their data that they still had on individual machines, but it was impossible to recover it all. Having learned their lesson the hard way, they also back the storage device and their individual devices up to our Cloud Backup Solution, ensuring that should anything happen to any device in their office, they have a guaranteed method of restoring all of their data, quickly and easily.

What would you do if you lost your data through the unpredictable failure of hardware? Theft? Fire? Accidental deletion? What would the implications of this loss be to you personally, or to your business? Your customers?

Our Cloud Backup service is ideal for individuals and small businesses, provides a secure and resilient backup solution with a simple method of quickly achieving automated install-and-forget backups for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.  Our solutions scale all the way up to enterprise customers who may wish to deploy a private cloud backup appliance either in their own datacentre, or in ours, which we then manage for them.

Remember, as our service is 100% based in South Africa, we also help companies gain and maintain POPI compliance.

Take a look at the features of our Cloud Backup Solution. You can sign up for a 30 day free, no obligation trial and see how simple and easy our service is. Install once per device, backup your data, sit back and relax as the backup agent monitors and backs up your files in real time.