04 Jun

Is capped bandwidth preventing you from backing up?

Is capped bandwidth a factor in whether you run a cloud backup service or not ?  It doesn’t need to be.  With our South Africa based cloud backup solution, for a minimal fee we are able to perform an initial data load of your encrypted backup data on your behalf, directly from an external hard drive to our servers.

The advantage of this service is that your latest and most up-to-date backup is put on our backup servers as soon as possible, leaving you in no doubt that your data is now safe.  Future backups from any of your backed up devices – and you are able to have any number under a single account – simply carry on from where the initial data load left off.  And if you ever need to restore, we can also assist you in doing this manually if required.

Don’t risk your photos, documents and important files – take steps to protect it today – why not sign up for a no-obligation 30 day free trial account – and back up as much as you need to.  Your data is 100% secure, encrypted and safe.