This page contains all the information required to sign up for your 30-day free trial or to extend your existing account with a new account or additional backup device(s).

* Step 1 – Download, unzip/extract and install the software

If running Windows, to determine whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit, please visit

PLEASE NOTE: Windows server-based devices are NO LONGER OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED. Only workstations, desktops, laptops considered “endpoints” will receive official support. Servers using our service will be provided best-effort support.

LATEST VERSION – Code42 v8.2.5 Build 77

Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Apple Mac Linux
Cloud Backup Solutions - Code42 CrashPlan
Cloud Backup Solutions - Code42 CrashPlan
Cloud Backup Solutions - Code42 CrashPlan
Cloud Backup Solutions - Code42 CrashPlan

Note: If you are running or upgrading to macOS Mojave, please review our FAQ entitled “MY BACKUP IS NOT WORKING UNDER MACOS MOJAVE“.

The application is now fully notarized for use on macOS.


(For operating systems including Windows XP and Windows Server 2008)

For older and unsupported versions of these operating systems such as Windows XP, or if your installation does not work initially, please download an older version of the client. Also, see our FAQ “AFTER INSTALLATION ON AN UNSUPPORTED DEVICE, NO SERVICE IS CREATED” for installing older Windows systems.

Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Apple Mac Linux
Cloud Backup Solutions - CrashPlan PROe


Cloud Backup Solutions - CrashPlan PROe


Cloud Backup Solutions - CrashPlan PROe


Cloud Backup Solutions - CrashPlan PROe


The older version v4 also supports backing up to a Windows network share, and computer to computer backups. Please contact us if you are a distributor wishing to specifically use this functionality so we can disable automated upgrades for your organisation or child organisation(s).

* Step 2 – After installation, wait for the application to launch, then choose the option to either sign in to an existing account or sign up for a new account

When the software is installed and has launched, you will see the default screen – Sign In with an existing account if you already have one.

If not, click the text at the bottom right Sign up for an account to access the Sign-Up Screen. The additional fields will appear as you complete each step.

Specify the following information as prompted:

First name: Your first name
Last name: Your last name
Username: Your email address
Password: Please specify a strong password
Registration Key: SPMR-JS94-C7WU-8PK9
Server Address:

Note that our distributors/resellers should use their organisational registration keys rather than the above one for end-user installs.

Cloud Backup Solutions - Default Sign In Screen

Cloud Backup Solutions - Sign Up Screen

If you are behind a corporate proxy server, please contact us for instructions on how to configure the client for a proxy prior to registration. Your organisation may need to whitelist (enable) communication to our cloud authority and storage servers.

Click Sign Up or Sign In to confirm your account with the server. Note that you must use your email address as the username as this is how we communicate with you during and after your free trial.

Note: If the application says it can’t contact our master server, please check as your anti-virus or security product may be blocking the backup application.

Important: If the client starts a self-upgrade, wait for this to complete and for the client to restart. On macOS devices, you may need to restart the Code42 backup client manually after the upgrade has completed.

The next step is to choose which backup folder(s) and file(s) you want to back up if required.

* Step 3 – Review and change the default backup selection

Your backup will begin automatically and if all your files and folders are under your home directory, or you do not wish to change your backup selection, you can close the window now.

Otherwise, click Details at the Welcome home screen.

Cloud Backup Solutions - Welcome Home

Click Manage Files

Cloud Backup Solutions - Welcome Screen

Edit your backup selection and click Save when you are finished.

Cloud Backup Solutions - Manage Files

By default, your home directory will be included in the backup set but you can add or remove any other files, folders, or network shares. The software will run silently in the background until the initial backup completes, and will continue automatically protecting your data as you add new files or folders.

Please be aware that this will use data. If you have a data cap we recommend you buy additional data to cover at least your initial backup

If you wish to go through the advanced settings, you can do so now by clicking on Tools on the menu bar and then Options.

Cloud Backup Solutions - Tools Options General

There are many options and on the Security tab there is an archive key password option to complement the default 256-bit AES encryption.

Please make a careful note if you do add an archive key password – write it down, put it in your safe, store it in your desk -without it, there is absolutely NO WAY TO RESTORE YOUR DATA! It is not possible for anyone to bypass this security feature

Cloud Backup Solutions - Tools Options Security

To add further devices for backup to your account, simply download the relevant backup installer to each machine, and choose the option to sign in using your existing account rather than specifying a new one. Note that you are only permitted to have a maximum of four devices per account as per the End User License Agreement.

Subsequent multiples of four devices incur a license fee of R75 per month plus VAT. We do not recommend having more than twelve devices in a single account. Alternatively, create a new account for additional multiples of four devices and contact Cloud Backup Solutions support to have accounts aggregated into a single invoice.