This page contains all the information required to sign up for your 30-day free trial or to extend your existing account with a new account or additional backup device(s).

* Step 1 – Download, unzip/extract and install the Code42 CrashPlan PROe Cloud Backup client

If running Windows, to determine whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit, please visit

If you are unsure which version to choose, install the older version and then the system will auto-upgrade you if your backup device operating system is eligible.


Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Apple Mac Linux
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OLDER VERSIONS (including Windows XP and Windows Server 2008)

For older and unsupported versions of these operating systems such as Windows XP, or if your installation does not work initially, please download an older version of the client. Also, see our FAQ “AFTER INSTALLATION ON AN UNSUPPORTED DEVICE, NO SERVICE IS CREATED” for installing older Windows systems.

Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Apple Mac Linux
Download Download Download Download


* Step 2 – After installation, choose the option to create or sign up for a new account and specify the following information when prompted:

First name: Your first name
Last name: Your last name
Username: Your email address
Password: Please specify a strong password
Registration key: SPMR-JS94-C7WU-8PK9
PROe Server address:

If you are behind a proxy server, please contact us for instructions on how to configure the client for a proxy prior to registration

Click “Create Account” to confirm your account with the server. Note that you must use your email address as the username.

Note: If when you click Create Account the application says it can’t contact our master server, please check as your anti-virus or security product may be blocking the backup application.

Important: If the client starts a self-upgrade, wait for this to complete and for the client to restart. On Mac, you may need to restart the Code42 CrashPlan client manually.

You now choose which backup folder(s) and file(s) you want to backup when the user interface first starts, and whether you wish to add an archive recovery password to complement the default 256-bit AES encryption. Please make a careful note if you do add a password – you/we will be unable to recover your data without it.

* Step 3 – Click Start Backup

Next to “Cloud Backup Solutions” click Start Backup. Your backup will begin and will run silently in the background until it completes, and will continue automatically protecting your data as you add new files or folders. You can close this window and forget about it, safe in the knowledge your data is secured.

Please be aware that this will use data. If you have a data cap we recommend you buy additional data to cover at least your initial backup

To add further devices for backup to your account, simply download the relevant backup agent to each machine, and choose to sign in using your existing account rather than specifying a new one. Note that you are only permitted to have a maximum of four devices per account as per the End User License Agreement. For additional multiples of four devices, create a new account and contact Cloud Backup Solutions support to have accounts aggregated into a single invoice.