How do I install the backup software?

Please refer to the initial welcome email that was sent to you, that contains links to the server and instructions on how to install. Alternatively you can view this online at the instructions page.

Depending on which service you have selected, the installation process may be different.

For support, please contact

Can I install on multiple devices?

Yes, you are able to install the backup software on multiple computers using the same account.

However, as per our terms and conditions that includes the Code42 Enterprise EULA, you are only permitted to include a maximum of four computers per account.

To back up more devices than this, you will be required to create a new account for each multiple of four computers.

Please contact if you  would like your accounts can be aggregated into a single invoice. We will review this request to see if it is financially viable.

Note that having multiple computers in the same account is a security risk and so you should understand that each computer will have access to the other computers backup data for restores. In this situation we recommend that one person manages the account and enables the “Require account password to access the application” setting.

What Operating Systems are supported?

Whether you are using our South African Cloud Backup or a managed in-house private cloud backup device, the following operating systems are supported on the client side:

  • Windows 32bit
  • Windows 64bit
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux