How do I restore?

The simplest, quickest and most effective way to restore is by launching the CrashPlan PROe application on your computer.

Navigate to the Restore tab on the left, choose the files and folders you wish to restore, and start the process. By default any data is restored to your desktop.

If you have multiple computers in your account, you may also be able to choose an alternative computer to restore the data for.

You can also restore up to 1Gb through our web-based dashboard, by logging in with your account credentials at

Click the device you wish to restore data for, and then the small rewind icon next to the Cloud Backup Solutions destination:

Cloud Backup Solutions

By default this will be restored to a zip file and then downloaded via your browser.

How can I quickly restore all my data?

If you have unfortunately suffered data loss and/or some sort of hardware failure, we are very sorry for you – but help is at hand as this is exactly why you signed up for our service in the first place.

Restoring to a new device is a simple process – you will need to download the backup client again and choose the option to sign in with your existing account username (your email address). If you do not remember the password, contact us and we can reset it for you.

Do not perform a backup yet – you will be prompted “Is this a new device” and given the opportunity to “adopt” your old device – then you can restore the data in your account – your new device will inherit everything from the old one.

Once the data has been restored you can allow the backup to start, which will continue from the point of restored data onwards.

Manual Restore

Optionally, we are able to quickly and easily perform a bulk data restore for your account, to your own external device, rather than you wait for your data to be restored over the internet, which could take a long time. There is a one-off fee of R1000 for this service.

If you have configured an additional archive restore password for your backups, you will need to provide us with this when your restore is performed, otherwise we have absolutely no way of restoring your data for you.