27 Feb

Cloud Backup Solutions – Insurance for your data – pricing examples

Updated 1 March 2016, to cater for pricing update.

At Cloud Backup Solutions we regularly hear from new customers who ask about our pricing model. In creating three price tiers, we try to accommodate everyone, from the home user to the large corporations who have a business requirement to store their critical data offsite.

The question to ask yourself is – “What value do I put on my critical data?

We provide insurance for your data. And we believe that our pricing reflects the ability for our customers to be safe in the knowledge that their data is secure, stored offsite, and accessible at any time.

One thing is true, we have established ourselves as the market leaders in providing Cloud Backup Solutions in South Africa, and we continue to grow. Our service has now been 100% successful since launch, is 100% secure and we have 100% satisfied customers; especially those whom took the proactive step to backup their data to our Cloud, and then were the unfortunate victims of data loss, whether through loss or hardware failure. They were grateful to be able to recover their data the same-day they got a replacement machine.

We considered it prudent to give some pricing examples to make it clearer as to what you might pay for our services. These are real examples based on existing customer usage:

Customer Number of computers Backup selection Total stored
Cost per month
Home User 1 38Gb 24.1Gb (63%) R159.00
Small Business 4 55.1Gb 35.6Gb (55%) R198.00
Large Business 2 217.3Gb 106.4Gb (48%) R471.00
Corporation 6 461Gb 251.8Gb (54%) R1053.00


As you can see above, our backup client performs automated compression and de-duplication of data up to a massive 52% in the case of a large business customer, that influences the data stored and therefore the overall savings, as we only charge for total storage per account.

Protect your critical data today. Our solution caters for up to four computers in an account and the data usage across them will be aggregated for billing purposes. Additional computers are charged at R75 per month for each incomplete multiple of four.

You only pay for the storage you use and there are no additional hidden fees. Take advantage of our no-obligation 30 day free trial today.

Note: Cloud Backup Solutions is not currently registered for VAT but this will change in FY17 from March 2016 onwards.