19 May

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v6.7.2

This morning we upgraded our environment to the latest version 6.7.2. This upgrade includes device application upgrades for eligible supported operating system versions.

Version 6.7 focuses on performance improvements and enhancements to existing features. This release also includes numerous bug fixes.

Highlights include:

* Faster restores, both for administrators performing web restores, and for users restoring with the Code42 app

* Large restores now prioritize and download recently used files first

* Device migration improvements, including new USMT status reporting capabilities and improved handling of MIG files

* Security Center updates to enhance file exfiltration detection

* Legal hold usability improvements

* Security updates

We recently published a dedicated status page: https://status.cloud-backup.co.za and we encourage our customers to subscribe to this page for both incident and scheduled maintenance notification.

An issue with the previous version, v6.5.2, meant that in some cases, the CrashPlan Service would terminate on Windows devices having reached a java memory limit. The fix is a simple one:

  1. Go to Start -> Run or the box to type in commands and enter: services.msc
  2. Find the Code42 CrashPlan service and right-click it, then enter properties
  3. Change the “Automatic” startup to “Automatic (Delayed)” and press OK
  4. Right-click the service again and click Start
  5. Open the Code42 CrashPlan application and wait for the connection to the backup engine
  6. Press CTRL-SHIFT-C together to enter the command line interface
  7. Type “java mx 2048, restart”

The application will restart and the new memory setting will be in effect.

We are also happy to assist with this remotely. Please log a support ticket via email to support@cloud-backup.co.za

We continue to grow our business and strive to provide service excellence whilst protecting our customers’ critical data.