20 Sep

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment Upgrade v8.2.5

The Cloud Backup environment was successfully upgraded to v8.2.5 today.

Version 8.2 includes new features and a number of fixes and enhancements to both the Code42 server and Code42 app.

Highlights include:

  • Code42 app branding updates replace “CrashPlan” with “Code42” in the name of the application, service, and some related file paths. This may require you to take administrative action to ensure compatibility with Code42 app version 8.2.1 and later.
  • Two-factor authentication for local users.
  • Deployment policies now support registering users in multiple organizations.
  • Greatly improved page load times throughout the Code42 console.
  • Improved accuracy of backup-related statistics and reporting in the Code42 console.
  • Optimizations to reduce Code42 app CPU usage on user devices.
  • Numerous security updates and bug fixes.


Two-factor authentication for local users

Two-factor authentication is now available as an added security measure to help prevent unauthorized access to the Code42 console and Code42 API for users in organizations that only use local authentication

Local two-factor authentication uses the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) algorithm and easily integrates with Google Authenticator.

Numerous security fixes have also been deployed.