27 Jun

Cloud Backup Ownership, Security and Access

Customers occasionally ask us about the ownership of their files once they have backed them up. Our answer is clear – ownership of your files remains 100%. In light of some of the very public recent security leaks in the US and Europe (Edward Snowden, PRISM and Tempora) and the questions over access to data, we are steadfast in our position.  You can review our most recent terms and conditions and EULA for more information, too.

Our managed backup cloud in South Africa ensures that your data is only stored in-country, and generally only transmitted in-country too, unless of course you are outside South Africa and backing up data, in which case, your data is 448bit blowfish encrypted between the backup client and our servers anyway, and the connection is secured by industry standard methods (TLS). We’ve also discussed previously how our service will help you achieve and maintain compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI).

As far as access to your data is concerned, it is possible to set an encryption password on your backup client. This ensures that you are the one and only person who is ever able to restore your data, as the encryption password would be required. The danger of this is if you forget the password, your data will be rendered impossible to restore, and so we only recommend this if our customers employ good practices and/or methods of storing passwords, such as a fire-safe or offsite secure storage, and where there is no identification or association as to what the password is for.

Our Cloud Backup Solutions provide you with full ownership of your backed-up files, compliance, full security and encryption, and the only possibility to access your files is through the restore process.

Why not try our service for free? You have nothing to lose and there are no setup charges. You only pay if you decide to continue after a 30 day free trial period.