10 Jun

Cloud Backup Data Privacy

You may have become aware of the high profile furore in the United States of America that has recently erupted surrounding data privacy and the speculation that the NSA (National Security Agency) may have some sort of access (PRISM) to the data stored by any individuals with companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and a number of others.

This may concern you, if you use Google Mail, Google Docs/Drive, Facebook, or a number of other services which are headquartered in the USA.  This probably includes the majority of large cloud backup services too, such as Dropbox.  Perhaps you have concerns about this, perhaps not.

Another consideration are the new laws in South Africa which are soon to be passed by parliament under the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act.

Our South African Cloud Backup service guarantees that your data never leaves the country.  It is fully automated, simple to install, and once it starts backing up to our servers you can effectively forget about it.  With file and folder level protection, your critical data is automatically backed up in as real-time as possible.