27 Jan

Can you afford not to have a Cloud Backup?

We hear all too regularly about customers who sign up to our Cloud Backup Service re-actively, i.e. after they have experienced a hardware failure, data loss, the time they have spent to try and recover, potential lost business after being unable to retrieve all their data. This is unfortunately too late to do anything about the existing data loss, but by signing up to our service, our customers finally have the peace of mind that the data loss will never happen again in the future and there will always be a possibility of recovery.

Backing up to an external hard drive or USB memory stick is good practice, and indeed combining it with our Cloud Backup Solution is even better, but leaving an external device alongside your computer or laptop, or even permanently plugged in, is not. Similarly, backing up weekly is only good if you are prepared to lose a weeks worth of data. Neither of these practices are usually effective at protecting from viruses or malware, and commonly any infection will spread to connected devices.

Our Cloud Backup Solution backs up your data in real time, scanning your drive(s) for file and folder changes and transmitting incremental backups down to the blocks of data that have changed, all encrypted and secure. Always on. Always monitoring. Always protecting. Giving you the ability to restore from a specific snapshot or date in time. Recovering from damage and limiting impact.

Think about personal or business cost should you lose any data – do you have the ability to recover? If yes, how long would it take to do so? Our clients typically have been able to restore all of their data the same day and depending on the size of data, in just a few hours.

Our Cloud Backup Solution provides multiple levels of encrypted backups over secure connections to our servers, assists you to remain POPI compliant, keeps your data in South Africa, and is simple to get up and running with an enterprise-class service. Recovery can be performed as quickly as your internet connection will allow, or if required we can perform emergency restores to your own device for a small additional fee.

Our Cloud Backup service continues to grow as consumers and businesses realise the importance and value of having their data securely backed up off site to our cloud, using industry leading CrashPlan PROe software that is used by some of the leading Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Adobe, Cisco, Salesforce and major Universities in the USA.

Don’t risk your data; photos, documents, financials, spreadsheets, presentations, employee data, customer data. Our service will protect it all for you, at competitive costs, with superb customer service and support.

We have a free trialget up and running today with no obligations – if you don’t wish to continue with our service you simply let us know when you receive your first invoice or a full calendar month’s notice at any time following that.