08 Jul

Managing Multiple Backup Locations

We recommend that all our customers employ a backup strategy that involves multiple backup locations. One of the great features of our backup client is that it permits back up to external hard drives, in addition to our South Africa managed public backup cloud.

02 Jul

South Africa Cloud Backup

You are probably aware of the multitude of cloud backup or storage services out there. Did you know that most of them are based in the USA or Europe? Did you know that some of them use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for their underlying storage, which is primarily in the USA and Europe? Our research has found that even certain services that tout South Africa prices actually have their servers in the UK.

27 Jun

Cloud Backup Ownership, Security and Access

Customers occasionally ask us about the ownership of their files once they have backed them up. Our answer is clear – ownership of your files remains 100%. In light of some of the very public recent security leaks in the US and Europe (Edward Snowden, PRISM and Tempora) and the questions over access to data, we are steadfast in our position.

21 Jun

Mitigating a potential data loss disaster

A new customer of ours recently told us their most unfortunate story of data loss. A small business with a handful of employees, they had a number of desktop machines and laptops, and a server in their office. The server functioned as an email and data storage and backup server, and had a 4Tb RAID5 network device attached for this purpose.

12 Jun

Cloud Backup and POPI Compliance

Today we are taking some time to highlight the South African privacy law, commonly referred to as POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act). If you have not heard of this, you should take time to review the official bill as it contains a number of laws relating to personal information.

10 Jun

Cloud Backup Data Privacy

You may have become aware of the relative furore in the United States of America that has recently erupted surrounding data privacy and the speculation that the NSA (National Security Agency) may have some sort of access to the data stored by any individuals with companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and a number of others.

04 Jun

Is capped bandwidth preventing you from backing up?

Is capped bandwidth a factor in whether you run a cloud backup service or not ? It doesn’t need to be. With our South Africa based cloud backup solution, for a minimal fee we are able to perform an initial data load of your encrypted backup data on your behalf, directly from an external hard drive to our servers.

27 May

Solution overhaul, free trial and features summary

We’ve recently completely overhauled our service and revised the pricing for our South African cloud backup service ! We now have a much more affordable pricing structure and there are no hidden costs – the price covers inclusion of all your bandwidth, storage and support services.

16 Apr

Cloud Backup Security

Have you ever truly considered how critical your personal and business data is ? Many individuals and companies back up to memory sticks, external hard disk drives or perhaps another server. But what happens to that data ? If there is a fire, a power spike, a theft, or hardware failure how would you recover from that data loss ?

07 Mar

Press Release – Cloud Backup Solutions launched

Eirteic Consulting (Africa) have released an enterprise-class backup and archiving service for businesses and individuals requiring secure, offsite data backup and archive local to South Africa.

The service is focused mainly at individuals or businesses that for compliance or regulatory reasons may require all their company, financial, or customer data to be stored in the same country, whilst also creating a secure method of disaster recovery.