19 Nov

Cloud Backup Solutions can protect you from CryptoLocker

There is a new criminal trojan doing the rounds – called CryptoLocker, it affects Windows systems, encrypts your files and holds them at ransom, requiring the end user to make a payment before the files can be decrypted. If the payment is not made by the certain deadline, their unique private decryption key is destroyed and your files will never be recoverable.

07 Nov

Cloud Backup Solutions Case Study

As an accountant with many of his own customers, it was imperative that our customer got back up and running quickly, smoothly and with the minimum of effort. He contacted us, advised his problem and we assisted him in reinstalling the backup agent, adopting his old computer using the same account, starting to restoring all his backed-up data.

17 Sep

Cloud Backup Solution Upgrade… Complete

We’ve upgraded our Cloud Backup Solution this morning to the latest version to offer the most up to date functionality. All our customer backup clients were automatically and invisibly upgraded too.

23 Aug

New Cloud Backup Service Pricing

We are very pleased to be able to advise a new pricing structure for our Cloud Backup Service effective immediately for all our existing and any new customers. The new pricing reflects the demand for greater backup sizing and offers a new tier of discount.

15 Aug

Top 5 Cloud Backup Solution Features

We occasionally get asked what are the best features of our Cloud Backup Solution, so here we have written about five of the most prominent and salient points to assist you with your decision making process.

15 Jul

South Africa Cloud Backup Mobile App Sync

The CrashPlan mobile app is retired as a supported version of Code42 products on May 15, 2018. Customers should focus on the desktop application instead. It is possible to log in to the master console using a web browser, to manage your account.

10 Jul

Cloud Backup Solutions Website – New URL

Effective immediately, our primary site URL has changed to The old URL will continue to function and act as an alias for the primary URL. We feel this more accurately represents our Cloud Backup service, is simpler to remember and will contribute to our service being found more easily on search engine results. If … Continue reading Cloud Backup Solutions Website – New URL

08 Jul

Managing Multiple Backup Locations

We recommend that all our customers employ a backup strategy that involves multiple backup locations. One of the great features of our backup client is that it permits back up to external hard drives, in addition to our South Africa managed public backup cloud.

02 Jul

South Africa Cloud Backup

You are probably aware of the multitude of cloud backup or storage services out there. Did you know that most of them are based in the USA or Europe? Did you know that some of them use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for their underlying storage, which is primarily in the USA and Europe? Our research has found that even certain services that tout South Africa prices actually have their servers in the UK.

27 Jun

Cloud Backup Ownership, Security and Access

Customers occasionally ask us about the ownership of their files once they have backed them up. Our answer is clear – ownership of your files remains 100%. In light of some of the very public recent security leaks in the US and Europe (Edward Snowden, PRISM and Tempora) and the questions over access to data, we are steadfast in our position.