Cloud Backup Solutions – Scheduled Maintenance

Our primary hosting service providers have advised us of a scheduled maintenance window that will affect the Cloud Backup Solutions service.

  • Start Time: Friday 14 July 2017 21:00
  • End Time: Saturday 15 July 2017 05:00

During this time, all Cloud Backup Solutions services including Backup, Restore, New or existing account registrations and the Master Dashboard, will be unavailable.

The service will be verified in full on the morning of 15th July 2017.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Environment and Security Upgrade

The Cloud Backup Solutions environment has been successfully upgraded to v6.0 of the CrashPlan PROe server platform.

This upgrade brings a substantial increase in security features as well as new functionality. Existing users will see no specific changes unless force-upgrading from v4.x of the CrashPlan application to either v5.x or v6.x.

In addition to this, all  servers have been patched to mitigate recently published Linux kernel vulnerabilities.

We are committed to ensuring that the security of our customer data our platform is as high as possible at all times.

An important note for current or prospective customers to remember is that our solution provides 100% protection against ransomware, viruses, trojans and other infections. With Cloud Backup Solutions it is possible to go back to any point in time from when your backup began, and restore all or some of your files.

Cloud Backup Solutions is the leading managed private backup service in South Africa. We offer a 30 day no-obligation free trial during which the service can be used fully with no fees.