Cloud Backup Solutions – Protecting against WannaCry ransomware

Most people will probably have heard of the new WannaCry ransomware that was released on 12th May 2017. It affected major systems across the world, spreading at a phenomenal rate and even affected the National Health Service in the UK.

It was quickly closed down through the simple registration of a domain name by a security researcher – kind of “kill switch” – but now version 2 is doing the rounds.

Your entire hard drive data is encrypted and you are prompted to send $300 worth of bitcoins to the people who wrote the ransomware.

The simplest way to protect your computer against infection of any sort is two-fold:

  • Always run a good quality and recognised antivirus software product and ensure your firewall is enabled
  • Stay up to date with your operating system security patches and updates

But there is a third level of protection that is unfortunately, sorely and regularly overlooked: BACKUPS.

WannaCry is being hailed as a wake-up call – we all need to be aware of the dangers of cyber crime.

People usually don’t think about backups until they’ve already experienced a problem. We see this time and time again with our customers – they come to us with an unfortunate story of data loss or even worse – perhaps financial or business impact as a result of trojans or viruses.

Cloud Backup Solutions provides 100% protection against viruses, trojans, ransomware or otherwise. Because your data is encrypted and compressed before backup, our servers are not vulnerable. In addition to this, with our default configuration, new or changed data is backed up within a 15 minute window.

What this means is that at any point, it is possible to go back to a point in time and restore the data. So in the event of some virus infection or even ransomware, you clean or reinstall your computer, and then restore the data from a known period before your computer was affected.

We can protect your data – and we have many customers that can attest to our incredible levels of support and guidance in the event that a restore is required – via multiple methods – web-based, through the backup application, or in a worst-case scenario with a lot of data, via an external hard drive. And we’re a lot more cost-effective t

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