Cloud Backup Solutions – World Backup Day 2015

Today is World Backup Day 2015. An opportunity for you to be sure that you are backing up your critical files prior to April Fool’s Day.

Cloud Backup Solutions

What would you do if you lost everything? Your photographs? Your critical files? Your important documents?

Our service will protect multiple computers, features encryption, deduplication, compression and strong security. It detects changes to files and folders in real time, and transmits them securely within a maximum of 15 minutes by default!

Sign up for our Cloud Backup Solution today using WORLDBACKUPDAY to get 10% off your account for life.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Under new ownership

On 1 March, Cloud Backup Solutions was taken over by MG IT Solutions. After three weeks of planning and data migration, we successfully switched all customers to our new cloud hosted at MTN Business in Johannesburg.

MG IT Solutions have more than twenty years experience in IT and manage multiple cloud solutions around the world for their global customers.

As the original lead architects and key implementers of the environment, it made sense for us to take over the service from Envisage, as it didn’t really fit with their core business. Continuing to manage and maintain the service was something that was important to us, along with continuing to deliver a high quality service to our customers along with excellent support.

We plan to restructure our pricing this year, and most customers will benefit in some way from this change. We already offer debit order and card payments as new options for settling invoices.

Support can be gained by sending an email to or directly at