Rapid adoption of Cloud Backup in South Africa

Recently we have seen a spike in the adoption of our Cloud Backup service in South Africa, which means we are doing something right. We’re protecting the critical data of our customers, providing them with a cost-effective, easy to use, secure and reliable service whilst offering first class levels of support included. We’re also seeing customers switching to our service from third party systems that are perhaps less flexible or more expensive.

Your Cloud Backup runs in real-time quietly in the background and uses very little CPU when you are at your computer so you won’t notice it working. Your data is encrypted and then securely transmitted to our servers in Randburg, Gauteng, where you can access your files going back as far as the very first day you made a backup. We retain secondary copies of the backups for full resilience. Even if you delete files, we retain them, meaning you save space on your machine locally whilst not having to worry about getting that important file back if you ever need to.

Our clients include universities, opticians, doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, media, marketing and brand agencies, IT companies and ISP’s, and many others. Backing up your data is important – actually essential – for any company or individual that values their data and/or would feel the potential cost of losing that data. Our system takes care of it automatically after your initial setup so you don’t ever have to worry again. Our system even silently upgrades your backup client with the latest security updates or new functionality in the background.

It’s worth noting that in addition to being able to view and restore versions of your files (of multiple computers if in your account) from the backup client, you can also access our master web interface, or use a mobile app. In the event of an emergency, we can also restore your files to your own hardware directly from our servers.

Our billing is fully automated, and you get 30 days trial use completely free – back up as much as you want, use our Cloud Backup Solution to evaluate and then only pay at the end of your trial if you wish to continue. No credit card required. Monthly contract, nothing to sign and no obligations. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.