Cloud Backup Solutions can protect you from CryptoLocker

There is a new criminal trojan doing the rounds – called CryptoLocker, it affects Windows systems, encrypts your files and holds them at ransom, requiring the end user to make a payment before the files can be decrypted. If the payment is not made by the certain deadline, their unique private decryption key is destroyed and your files will never be recoverable. More than 10,000 people worldwide have already been affected.

There is a lot of news and publicity about this:

In this case there is an added complication because criminals are behind this threat, they cannot accept credit card payments and therefore only accept BitCoin or MoneyPak – rendering the average user in a position where they may not be knowledgeable enough or in a position to even acquire the virtual currency to pay the fee. The risk of course is that even after payment the key may not be provided.

Most AntiVirus programs will detect and clean this threat, but don’t take unnecessary risks; you can protect yourself fully. By making use of our Cloud Backup Solution, you would be able to recover all of your files once your system has been cleaned or reinstalled, right up to the minute before they were encrypted. Sign up for our 30 day free trial and see how simple it is to protect all your important files automatically, silently, and in real-time.

Cloud Backup Solutions Case Study

Recently one of our customers suffered the most unfortunate experience of having his laptop bag stolen whilst visiting Cape Town on business.

A scary prospect in its own right, imagine if all your data was on the laptop or an external drive that was also in your bag and you didn’t have any other form of offsite backup?

As an accountant with many of his own customers, it was imperative that our customer got back up and running quickly, smoothly and with the minimum of effort. He contacted us, advised his problem and we assisted him in reinstalling the backup agent, adopting his old computer using the same account, starting to restoring all his backed-up data.

Upon his return to Johannesburg from Cape Town, he had fully recovered all his data within 24 hours on a newly procured laptop.

He was kind enough to provide the following quote:

“The restore process was incredibly smooth and I have had minimal interruption to my services I provide to my clients. I am very happy with the service and happy to refer the product and service to my clients.”

Don’t risk being a victim of theft, fire or hardware failure that could all potentially affect the security of your data – our service is fully encrypted, secure, resilient and redundant and backs up your data in real-time whether you are logged on or not. We retain your deleted files indefinitely and store multiple versions of your files. Deleted a file last year that you now need? No problem – with our service you restore it easily!

Sign up for our 30 ay free trial and see how simple, effective and efficient our service is. We look forward to assisting you.