Solution overhaul, free trial and features summary

We’ve recently completely overhauled our service and revised the pricing for our South African cloud backup service !  We now have a much more affordable pricing structure which can be outlined very simply as follows :

  • R50 per month per 10Gb storage for the first 40Gb.
  • R200 per month for 50Gb and further increments of 50Gb thereof.

There are no hidden costs – the price covers inclusion of all your bandwidth, storage and support services.

Plus, we have some great news – we are now offering a 30 day, no obligation, free trial period sign up here.

Back up as much as you need toYes, really.  We’ll only bill you if you decide to continue with the service after your free trial period.

Our all-inclusive install-and-forget solution features the following:

  • Based on industry-leading software.
  • 128bit AES TLS security and 448bit blowfish encryption is enabled by default – you can optionally also add an encryption password requirement for restores which is only ever stored at the client-side – either way your data is 100% secure and the backup archives are tamper-proof.
  • Stored on our enterprise-level hardware and redundant storage in an Internet Solutions data-centre with full fireproofing, power resilience, and security.
  • Fully automated – upon creating your account, you download and install a backup agent, choose what to back-up and it silently works in the background whether you are logged on or not.  Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris are all supported.
  • Completely local to South Africa – data never leaves the country.
  • In the event of a restore being required, rather than restore over the internet, for added speed we are able to restore directly to your own device, if required.
  • Backup up to four devices using the same account.

Click here to sign-up and we’ll send you a free trial invitation.

Aside from this fabulous news, also still offer a manual archiving service for longer-term off-site data retention, as well as the option for a global cloud backup service, and for businesses, corporates and enterprises, the option to run your own private cloud backup server in-house.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements should this be the case.