Cloud Backup Security

Have you ever truly considered how critical your personal and business data is ?  Many individuals and companies back up to memory sticks, external hard disk drives or perhaps another server.  But what happens to that data ?  If there is a fire, a power spike, a theft, or hardware failure how would you recover from that data loss ?

The answer is to store the data off-site – securely, remotely, under the care of a fully managed service that will monitor and incrementally back up your critical files, leaving you safe in the knowledge that if the worst happened – you can quickly and easily recover any or all data that you might need in order to get back up and running.

This can also help with regulatory and compliance requirements by ensuring that data is stored at an alternate secure location – all data backed up using our service stored in a South African tier-1 datacenter with full redundancy.  We also offer a manual archiving service for static data that is required to be kept for longer periods of time, for example; financial records, patient records or legal documents.

Backup and archive strategies are all too regularly implemented after the fact and usually when it’s too late to recover – the sooner you get your backup strategy in place, the sooner you will have the peace of mind that you and your business are protected from any further element of risk.