Press Release – Cloud Backup Solutions launched

Gauteng, South Africa, 4th March 2013 – Eirteic Consulting (Africa) release Cloud Backup Solutions

Eirteic Consulting (Africa) have released an enterprise-class backup and archiving service for businesses and individuals requiring secure, offsite data backup and archive local to South Africa.

The service is focused mainly at individuals or businesses that for compliance or regulatory reasons may require all their company, financial, or customer data to be stored in the same country, whilst also creating a secure method of disaster recovery.

Automated, secure and fully encrypted backups are now possible using enterprise backup software, with the data securely stored on mission-critical servers in a tier-1 data centre in South Africa.  Contiguous and real-time data protection can be combined with longer-term archiving of data which can either be stored locally or overseas depending on customer requirements, providing the ability for local deletion and space saving.

For larger companies, we have a solution allowing a scalable private cloud backup appliance to be implemented at their own site, in their own data centres.

The Cloud Backup Solutions website is and any new signups until 1st June 2013 will receive 5% discount on the first three invoices.